Mikiono's three wheeled bandsaw

Mikiono (大野 幹), from Japan sent me some pictures of his three wheeled bandsaw.

Mikiono translated from Japanese using Google Translator. But English and Japanese ae structurally very different languages, so Google translator isn't the best when dealing with Japanese, so I'm paraphrasing what he sent.

"There is a speed controller because the motor is for a metal lathe."

"Blades break sometimes.

Because I was an engineer, a permissible blade bend radius of blade was assumed to be 50mm. When the blade broke, I was able to repair it using silver-alloy brazing."

Matthias comments:

Blade breakage is often a problem with three-wheeled bandsaws with their relatively small wheels. The blade may bend to a fairly tight radius without permanent deformation, but if the blade is bent tens of thousands of times, even if only bent by half as much, a phenomenon called metal fatigure will often cause the blade to crack and break.

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