Asymmetric cove template generator

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For making templates to calculate saw angles for asymmetric cove cutting

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How to use the cove templates and generator

This cove template generator is for calculating the parameters for cutting asymmetric coves with the table saw. For symmetric cove cutting, one passes the stock over the saw at an angle. To cut asymmetric coves, in addition to passing the stock over the blade at an angle, one also tilts the saw blade.

Figuring out what angles to set the fence and the blade to for what type of cove is not a trivial set of calculations. However, regardless of which way the fence and the blade is set, the blade will always cut some sort of elipse as the stock is passed over it at an angle. The idea of this cove template generator is to print a set of templates for different types of elipses. To calculate what the angles need to be set at, simply lay the template on the end of the piece of wood the way you want your cove shaped, and, using a square, read off the angles from the two scales to determine the stock angle and blade tilt angle for the saw.

Enter your blade diameter and blade kerf in the form above, as well as what the maximum depth of cut you would like the template to go to. Then print a template, using the "Print template" button, and measure the length of the horizontal bar. If its something other than 8" (200 mm), Enter this length in the "Page width" field, and subsequent printouts will be scaled to make your measurements exact.

Once you have set everything up, print different templates by changing the blade skew angle. Values from 5 to 30 degrees produce the most useful cove templates.

For more on how to use templates from this template generator, see the page on using the templates for Asymmetric cove cutting