Wim Joosten's homemade table saw

Wim Joosten writes:

Hello Matthias,

Really nice, that table saw build.
I was pleasantly surprised, because a half year ago I made mine.
And then it's nice to see your solutions.
I used threaded rod for adjustment, but for tilting it is endless turning....

To put the pivoting point of the whole assembly as high as possible I lowered the hinges into the bottom of the table.

I find that in my woodworking I try to be as precise as possible, thanks
to your (and others of course) precise builds and examples.
Thank you for that.

Wim Joosten

An overall picture. The assembly is mounted on/in 18 mm MDF,
with a piece of 5 mm plywood on top.
You can see the hinge for the height adjustment.

The assembly from the other side. The knob in front sets the height
of the blade. The threaded rod is anchored in the plywood base.

The assembly removed from the MDF base.
The anchor of the height adjustment is visuble.

Detail of the lowered hinge that accommodates pivoting.


The blade lowered.

The blade tilted. It takes an awful lot of turning to get any tilt.

Seen from the top without the plywood cover.

With the 5 mm top in place.

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