Homemade table saw build (version 1)

This series of articles is about building and optimizing a table saw from a hand held circular saw. It's an elaborate build, but I wanted to see how good a table saw I could build from one of these saws.

This series also available in Spanish and French

Also see my homemade table saw version 2

With the complexity of the build and aligning it, it wouldn't be a good idea to offer plans for this saw, as anyone who with the necessary skills would probably already have a table saw. Instead, I came up with a simplified version 2 which I do have plans for.

Part 1: Depth adjustment
Part 2: Angle lock, and saw inserts
Part 3: Rip fence
Part 4: Alignment
Part 5: Stand / cabinet
Part 6: Painting it
Part 7: Things learned
Effects of table saw misalignment
Homemade table saw version 2

I set up this homemade saw in my big garage workshop, and have used it for numerous projects:

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