Trash picking furniture for wood

This is an often requested topic - show us how you find good wood in the garbage.

But like fishing, trash picking is hit and miss. Mostly miss. But on a walk I spotted some discarded Ikea furniture that was made of some solid wood, so I came back with the car to retrieve it, and this time, I made a video of it.

The best places to trash pick for furniture is apartments and townhouse complexes. Renters are often transient people, and when they move far away, they often don't have a place to put the furniture and they may not have a large enough friend network to find takes for the furniture. Given the high cost of storing or shipping furniture, and that you can hardly get anything for used furniture, the most economical thing to do is to throw it out. So that's what happens.

I do my part by scavenging some of it and turning it into useful items again.

It's important to dismantle it right away, otherwise it gets out of hand. I question whether it's worthwhile, but the up-side is, I usually have enough material on hand that I don't need to go shopping for wood at the start of a project, and that saves a lot of time.

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