Aleksandar Momcilovic's marble adding machine

Aleksandar, from Serbia, writes:

Hello Matthias,

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Aleksandar Momcilovic. I'm a woodworker hobbyist and I live in Arandjelovac, Serbia.

Your site is a great inspirational resource for me, and since I work as a physics teacher I decided to build a marble adding machine for an annual school Science Fair.

I modified your design slightly, mostly in cosmetic purposes and it works flawlessly from the start. Great conversation object and great fun for my kids!


Matthias comments:
Adding Plexiglas to the front certainly solves the problem of marbles sometimes bouncing out of the machine. And I see you changed the machine to be vertical as well --- mine is slanted specifically to keep marbles from bouncing out.

I kept mine open at the front so I could always reach in and tweak things, but most of the problems involved marbles bouncing out the front.

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