Kuldeep assembles the pantorouter (2018 version)

Kuldeep has been evolving the design of his metal "hybrid" pantorouter. The latest version is built by a contract manufacturer. Kuldeep sent me one, and on visiting me, assembled it. This was the first time he opened the packaging from this manufacturer.

You can buy this pantorouter at pantorouter.com

The instructions that come in the package.

This version comes with a cast aluminium base, which saves a lot of steps of the assembly. On the 2015 version it took a while to put this base together

Here Kuldeep is adding the table. The table supports and angle adjust protractors were already mounted to the base in the box.

Next, bolting the template holder onto the pantograph base. The pantograph mechanism already comes assembled and mounted on the base.

Screwing the pantograph base onto the linear bearings, which are already in place on steel shafts on the base. It's best to loosen the mounting screws for the shafts before mounting the base so that the shafts will align themselves to the base.

Adding the plunge lever.

Finished assembly, with router installed.

After this, I mounted three vertical templates on the template holder and milled out a triple-tenon.

Then mounting a piece vertically on the machine to mill out matching triple mortise.

And checking the fit. So satisfying.