Kuldeep's pantorouter production (2013)

Kuldeep has sent me some pictures of assembling a large batch of pantorouter machines in December 2013.

Laser cut router mount parts. These have been beefed up a bit since
I got mine. Not that the part was weak, but because these are cut out of
aluminium plates, making the parts a bit wider didn't add any cost.

Machined solid aluminium operating levers. This part being
solid aluminium helps prevent twisting motion in the pantograph.

Pantograph links, with bushings for the pivots.

Mounting the linear bearings. A shaft inserted in the bearing
while mounting ensures proper alignment.

Above: Kuldeep says: "I wind this spring from stainless steel wire so it
won't rust. Near my home I have one old man who used to make springs
but now he has closed his shop but allows me to use his tools and jig."

Left: Pantograph units packaged for shipment.
The base and table parts are shipped in a separate box.

Below: Batches of aluminium rails, polished shaft, angle brackets and
shaft mounts for the base. These still need to be kitted for individual units.
The aluminium rails are an elegant and precise system, but the parts are
not cheap. The base is assembled by the customer (See here)

Kuldeep has since contracted a manufacturer to do moust of the assembly. See here for assembling the 2018 version

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