Paul Grundbacher's dowel makers

Paul sent me some pictures and video of his dowel makers. The dowel makers work on the same principle as this dowel maker but uses blades made from old saw blades. That way, the dowel maker can be left set up.

The blades are from an old power hacksaw. Unlike regular hacksaw blades, these blades are about twice as wide and about twice as thick. This type of power hacksaw is no longer very common, having been superseded by metal cutting bandsaws.

Paul starts by cutting square stock on his homemade bandsaw.

He then uses his Emco-star combination machine in lathe mode to spin the rod.

While stabilizing the long square rod in the middle with his hands, the dowel maker is applied to the end.

It's then slowly pushed along the spinning rod.

Dowels up to 1.2 meters (4 foot) in length can be made this way.

And the dowel makers are always ready to make more dowels (a big advantage over using a chisel as the cutting edge, like I did)

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