Joining with dowels

About dowel joints:

Making dowels
The pencil-sharpener method
Making dowels with a half-round router bit
A trick for making thin dowels
Doesn't even require a jig
Making conic dowels ands pindles on a jointer
Dowel jig T-square
A jig for making multiple dowel joints
A bookcase joined with dowels
Using a homemade doweling jig
Flush cutting a dowel
With a chisel
Horizontal boring machine
Using special parts I had
Joint strength tests
Testing different types of joints
Dowel vs mortise and tenon
Comparing strength
Horizontal boring jig
Just clamps to a hand drill
Bamboo skewers as 5mm dowels. Any good?
A clever jig for drilling miter dowel holes accurately
Pin boards together with bamboo skewers

Projects joined with dowels:

Joining table legs with dowels
Building a simple table
Building a shoe rack
Queen size bed
Doweling together a cabinet
Round dining table
Low bookshelf
Building a table
Simple sturdy workbench
Bandsaw trunnions
Shed doors
Stand-up laptop stand
Lab-cart like table tall skinny table
Fixing a creaky rocker doweling a spindle joint
Coat hooks and shelf
Miter joined large table
More about woodworking techniques

See also: mortise and tenon joints