Pekka's small bandsaw

This article by Pekka Svinhufvud

This is my third home made bandsaw (previous two). When I found Matthias's plans, it became clear that I should build a similar machine.

I have a bigger saw and wanted to build a light, portable saw with a tilting table. I will use it for small work with a narrow blade to cut tight radiuses. And I can take it with me to our club.

This saw is based on Matthias's saws, scaled to smaller size. I took some ideas from both of his recent saws. The saw has 220 mm wheels (8.5") and the cutting height is 170 mm. The motor is from my lathe, which now has a 3-phase motor.

The frame is glued layers of spruce and is very stiff.

For the wheels I glued oak segments to the edge of a 18 mm plywood wheel. The rubber tire is glued after turning it round. The wheels are mounted on a 20 mm steel shaft with a pulley as a hub. The pulley is fixed on the shaft with a conical collet. On my big saw we made flanges, welded and turned on the shaft. It is much easier to use those pulleys for wheel hubs. Everything can be home made. I turned a recess for the wheels to support them and bolted them on with 3 bolts.

I also have rotating shafts on my big saw (as opposed to wheels rotating on fixed shafts). I have good experience with this. I made the upper wheel with a rotating shaft as well.

My motor rotates counter clockwise as seen from the pulley, so I oriented the motor with the pulley on the back of the saw to get the right direction.

The tilting table is supported with trunnions. The trunnions are supported from the right side. On most saws the front trunnion is held with a beam to the left of the blade, but it takes too much room in a saw this small and limits the cutting height.

I can adjust the supports with 4 nuts on the right to get the blade to line exactly on line with trunnion pivot point.

This was a very interesting project. Of course small saws can be bought very cheap, but this saw is much better in quality.

Pekka Svinhufvud

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