Ryszard's 'Archmedes' marble machine

Ryszard Grenda writes:

Hello Matthias

I finished building my marble machine "Archimedes 2", inspired by Paul Grundbacher's machine.

The machine is 150 cm tall and 57 cm in diameter at the base.

Materials: Ash, Oak, Beech, plywood

I used all my homemade machines to build it: my lathe, drum sander, disk sander, bandsaw, router lift and my pantorouter

I made some changes from Paul's machine. The lower section is different. The lower Archimedes screw is replaced by a tower with moving ramps. The ramps are driven by the rod from the lower chain wheel. I built two mixers: Mixer 1 (two bowls) has two inlets and one outlet. One inlet is from the Archimedean screw, a second inlet manifold is the "flip-flop" from the chain lift. The outlet is to mixer 2

Mixer 2 has two inlets and two outlets: one from mixer 1, the second from the moving ramps. The first outlet is on track to moving ramps, a second outlet on the water wheel. The water wheel marbles fall to the bowl at the bottom.

Other parts are a Watt's speed regulator and distributor "Flip-Flop"

I used my homemade lathe to turn some parts.

The gears are designed on the free online gear template generator and cut out with my homemade bandsaw


I built a jig to cut tracks and wheels on the pantorouter.

The lower water wheel is modeled on the historical wheel of the museum (which drives a hammer mill). It has a mechanism to prevent it from turning backwards.

The moving ramps are based on Paul Grundbacher's machine Etagen

I also built a Wooden Light Stand for lighting for making
better pictures and video based on a design by John Heisz.

Construction was from April 20 to June 25, several hours a day.

I plan to build more marble machines.

Thanks to Paul Grundbacher for the inspiration.


Ryszard Grenda

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