Gordon's table saw lift

Gordon, from Ireland, was inspired by my mobile table saw base mechanism to build his own table saw lift. It uses the same four rollers on inclined ramps as mine does.

Gordon made a few changes to the design. Particularly clever was his use of a piece of hardwood for the ramp. I'm sure this made the lift easier to construct. I had to hand-chisel the final shape of the ramp on mine because of how I did it; it was just too odd a shape and angle to make routing practical.

The separate hardwood ramp also meant that he could use softer wood for the rails without having to worry about the bearing wearing into the wood.

The other change he made was to use a threaded rod instead of a dowel.

Gordon used smaller ball bearings, and a dowel to fit in those would not have been strong enough. Mine had 5/8" (16 mm) holes, and I made sure my dowel was supported very close to the bearings.

Gordon also built his own table saw fence and table saw sled inspired by my fence and sled


You can see more photos of Gordon's table saw lift on his flickr page

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