Shop machine dust extraction improvements

This series of videos contributed by Ronald Walters

Breathing wood dust in the workshop can be your worst enemy. With a little effort, just about any piece of equipment can have effective dust collection. Many manufactured shop tools may already have a dust collection port, however most of them can be vastly improved by modification, plugging holes, encapsulating areas of interest or redirecting air. The idea is simple. Build a box around the work area and force the air to go where you need it for effective dust collection.

Scroll saw dust collection - a more comprehensive modification

More comprehensive dust extraction modifications to another scrollsaw

Scroll saw dust collection - don't breathe the dust

Showing a simple modification to a scroll saw for effective dust collection using a ShopVac

Disc belt sander - dust collection modification

showing a modification to a disc belt sander for effective dust collection using a ShopVac.

Table saw - added features and dust collection

Added features to 10 in cabinet saw. Also shown are simple modifications for effective dust collection

Oscillating spindle sander - dust collection modification

Modifications to a reciprocating spindle sander for effective dust collection.

Grizzly G1071 Oscillating Spindle Sander - My Experiences

More about the spindle sander, how various types of spindles are mounted.

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