Lee Zimmer's tilting router lift

Lee Zimmer sent some pictures of his tilting router lift. Very nice build.

Lee also has a larger collection of pictures of the router lift build on
his gallery on photobucket.com

Also on lumberjocks.com

Tilting router part patterns ready to cut.

These bevelled gear teeth were a snap to cut with my new DeWalt scrollsaw because the table tilts both ways.

The lift mounts covered the t-nuts which hold the fence in
place. I drilled through the inserts from the top and found a
couple of alternative places to fasten the lift. Oops!!

Marked degrees of tilt on the lift.

New insert to accommodate the full range of motion of the router.

My table saw had a 10" stamped steel wing extension.
I removed it and increased the size of the new table.
Frame box joints done on the pantorouter :)

How do you set an accurate degree of tilt? Mount a 1/2" piece of rod into the router and check the degree of tilt with a compass. Maybe one of those magnetic readers would work but I don't have one.

Cutting the profile for my new mug segments with a straight bit set at a 27.6 degree angle.

Pine prototype of a mug. This is a ten time easier and faster method than my earlier segmented mug build. I am going to do a blog on Lumberjocks.com soon on how I approached the original mug build vs. this method using the tilting feature of the router lift.

I have sanded the outside of the mug barrel. The inside is next.

This is the sanded pine mug barrel waiting for a bottom and a handle.

What is this for?

My son and his family are big into the Renaissance Fair experience. They dress in the period costumes, live in period style tents, and partake in the various reenactments during the fair. He asked me if I could make them some period mugs.

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