Michael Schultheiss's geared desk lamp

Michael Schultheiss sent me some pictures of his latest contraption: A beautiful "geared" desk lamp.
Michael writes (translated from German):

Hi Matthias,

Once again I tinkered in my basement, maybe you like what I built. Saw a picture of a similar lamp, and built one like it. Works pretty well. I installed the "marble" bearing once the weight of the lamp got too heavy for the gearing. Now it turns so easily that gearing isn't needed anymore.


I asked about what looked like just a flashlight on the end of it. Michael writes:

Right, that is a flashlight at the end, Originally I wanted to make a nice lampshade, but wires running through the frame don't look so good… will see, maybe I'll think of something appropriate. I wanted to build it as a reading lamp.

And here's another neat geared project by Michael Schultheiss - A wooden clock:

This clock is based on free plans found here:


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