Super simple iPad stand

I made this tablet holder a year ago when I got my cheap android tablet and have had occasion to make two more stands for other people since.

When my brother in law asked for one, I decided to finally film the process.

He already has an iPad cover with his iPad, which can be used as a stand, but he wants to be able to support the iPad in a vertical or near-vertical position for filming or using FaceTime or Skype with it.

I used a piece of 2x4 lumber for material, selecting a piece between defects.

I planed all sides on the jointer to make it more square and smooth.

The big slot to make room for the screen is best cut out last (or it becomes difficult to cut the lengthwise slot). But to avoid tear-out later, I'm first making the crosscuts.

Then cutting slots wide enough for the iPad by making a series of side-by-side cuts on the table saw.

I cut two slots, one at a slight angle, the other vertical. The idea is to be able to support the iPad in a vertical or near vertical position. The iPad cover can be used as a stand, but not in a vertical position.

Then cutting out the large section in the middle.

After that, I put the iPad in the holder and marked how long it needs to be, then cut off the ends on the table saw.

Then rounding all the corners on the belt sander.

I used my strip sander to smooth and round some of the inside corners.

iPad in place, held vertically. The idea of supporting the iPad vertically is to better be able to use the built in camera for filming stuff.

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