Bandsaw stand plans

Copyright 2010 Matthias Wandel

These plans for the bandsaw stand for this wooden bandsaw

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Material required:

Three 2x4's, or 1 2x8x12
Depending on quality, you may want to get more to work around defects.

One half sheet (4'x4') 1/4" plywood, for drawer bottoms, sides and back.

Some nice hardwood of your choice for the drawer fronts,
21 x 90 cm x 14 mm (8.5" x 36" x 11/16")

38 drywall screws, 1.25" (30 mm) long
4 2" (50 mm) caster wheels. Two of which should be locking.
2 drawer handles

Also see the accompanying article on building this stand

There is also a Sketchup model for this plan