Bill of materials

PartQuantityUsed for
8' 2x42Four legs, and bottom crosspieces of legs.
8' 2x62Apron across fronts and sides.
3' x 7' door1Workbench top
5/8" dowel4' lengthJoin frames together
2" screws24Attach apron to legs
3" screws4Attach workbench top to workbench frame
Glue50 mlGlue dowels into leg frames

Leg brackets:

Cut 20" off each of the two 8' 2x6's. Also cut four pieces of 2x4 30" long. Cut two pieces of 2x4 to 20" length and rip to 2.5" width, and assemble as shown.

To drill the dowel holes, clamp the cross pieces and legs together, as shown on this page

leg bracket top, side and front view:

Attaching rails to the leg brackets

Cut the remaining pieces of 2x6 to 75" length. Cut a 3.5" wide by 1/2" deep dado 3.5" from the each end. Also cut the ends at a 22.5 degree angle (22.5 degrees because Miter saws have a detent at 22.5 degrees)

Clamp the side rails to the leg assemblies, and drill holes through both, then screw together, as shown on this page

leg bracket attachment top view:

Final assembly

Attach an old solid core wooden door to the workbench. Do this by drilling some holes through the door and screwing it to the workbench frame from the top. with 3" screws. Four screws should be sufficient.
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