Kyle Scott's (second) belt sander

Kyle Scott writes:

This is my 6x48 Belt sander/ Inflatable drum sander. The table is fixed at 90 degree's for the time being. It is powered by a 3/4Hp Dayton motor. The belt tension and tracking is controlled from the 2 bolts that push-pull on the upper wheel mount.

Tracking is adjusted with 2 bolts, the center bolt adjusts belt tension by pulling the wheel mount up, the other bolt bolt pushes down on the back of the mount. I made the dado the mount rides in a bit oversize, that allows the mount to tilt back and forth a bit. It holds tracking very well.

My first belt disk sander worked ok. I took it apart for the bearings and shafts to build other projects. It's motor is on this strip sander.


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