Question and answers video, May 16 2020

Questions I covered in this video:

0:49 Sometimes I see you wear a shop apron but sometimes you don't. Is there any rhyme or reason to it?

1:04 What is the object, that you have built, that you are most proud of/happy with?

1:46 How's your (shoulder?) I noticed the projects are starting to get bigger again.

3:05 Why did you stop working as an engineer? Also any advice for new engineers just out of university?

4:15 How is the trash-picking situation where you are now compared to the previous two locations where you're at?

5:03 Do your patents still result in royalties? How many patents do you own, and which (if any) has proven the most promising invention?

7:11 What is a tool/procedure that people often don't pay very much attention to, but is really important and everyone should?

9:06 Adam Savage somewhat regulary talk about much he likes your videos. Do you have any opinions about that?

9:53 What happened to all your dads old tools, does your family still have the shop? How did you get on with the sale of amogla camp and your old house.

11:12 What's your status with the marble machine X by wintergatan? Since its main creator Martin has mentioned you a couple times in the past.

12:57 Does your woodworking ever cause trouble in your relationship with your wife? Is she understanding when you need and take your space? How does Rachel see your time in the workshop?

14:12 Did you ever find a bandsaw to saw mill conversion set up that you were satisfied with?

14:59 Where do you obtain your project ideas and where did you learn to engineer things as you do ?

16:09 So you feel like you need to stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone to remain relevant to what the Youtube-algorithms values, or do you always stay true to the content you like and want to create?

17:06 Everyone seems to pronunce your name differently, and yet you rarely ever say your own name on camera. How do YOU prefer it to be pronounced?

17:52 Do you have any life advice for someone considering getting involved with a tech startup?

19:36 I'd be intrested to know what/who your top 5 favorite YouTuber's are (See my links page)

21:40 What are all of the injuries due to woodworking you have had

23:13 In what ways do you think you've improved your skills over the years?

23:57 Some time ago I understood you were planning to maybe go back to work in a company. How is the status? Do you still think about it?

25:14 Thoughts on the pandemic situation here (no one asked but I talked about it anyway)

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