Alexander Khritonenkov's homemade tablesaw

Alexander left a link to this video in a comment on my homemade table saw video. I have not heard further from Alex, but I assume he's ok with getting coverage, so I took a few stills from this video. Alex's video is a bit long. I added it to the bottom of this page.

Alex cut an opening that exactly fits the saw from the top. He even used a Dremel to cut grooves in the edges of the cut-out to fit the bent sheet metal edges of the saw's shoe.

The saw is inserted from the top, held in by gravity.

The guard is tied open. However, this leaves a large hole around the blade, making it unsuitable for cutting small pieces.

So Alex made an insert that fits into the opening, held in place with some metal tabs.

I'm not convinced this is terribly safe - a saw insert needs to be quite sturdy so as not to bend when pushing down on the stock, and not to give way in the event of a kickback. I think a 6 mm or thicker piece of birch plywood to put over top of the whole table would probably be better.

He also made a simple fence that hooks over both ends of the table, with a screw on one end to clamp it on.

What I like overall about this one is that it's easy to get the saw back out, and that he built this without a whole workshop full of tools. I wouldn't recommend doing exactly the same thing, but I think there's some good inspiration in this one.

Finally, his video. Straight from the camera, no editing (actually, a pretty decent video, considering that)

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