Carlos's jointer

Carlos writes:

Hi Matthias!

The last month I have been working in a project I saw on your website, a jointer I bought the machine plans and I built it! With some differences, my machine is one inch wider than yours (13”), and I also add a cable holder, my motor is 120 volts 3/4 hp 1750 rpm. I can’t find good plywood in my town so I put the cutter head in steel plates, the table tops are made of formica.

In this photo you can see the cable holer.

This is my lifting mechanism.

The motor is mounted on a metal hinge.

The parallelogram mounted in the box.

First test,and it was very good.

The total cost is less than 150 USD.
Excellent jointer plans it’s a great project. Thank you!

I replied:

Nice jointer.
At 1750 rpm for the motor, and 2:1 pulley, that head might be running a bit slow?

Carlos replied:

You are right it runs slow but I expect to change the motor, I'm looking for a 3750 rpm motor in the near future.

Greetings from México. Happy Easter.

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