Dave Tenney's jointer

Just finished up the jointer. This was a really fun build; in my opinion it was easier than the pantorouter.

The only thing I changed was the base and the belt guard. I noticed that Alain had to clamp his to a workbench because it would roll during use so I built mine with retractable casters.
I got lazy with belt guard and made my own rather than following the plans.

The jointer works better than my old 6" Grizzly did. I think this may be because of the higher cutter speed.

One thing I have learned from building your machines and jigs is how to drill accurate holes. It's not a skill that you really need to build most furniture, but it's a must when building machines.

Another great design, and I want to thank you again for giving me the plans...


Dave Tenney made a video reviewing the homemade machines he built based on woodgears.ca plans. The embedded vido at left is qued to where he talks about the jointer.

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