Mikiono's homemade scrollsaw

Mikiono (大野 幹), from Japan sent me some pictures of his homemade scrollsaw.

Mikiono translated from Japanese using Google Translator, which resulted in very choppy english, so I'm paraphrasing what he sent. I also added some more description (in non-italic) based on what I could figure out from the photos.

This scrollsaw uses 0.2kw three phase motor, driven by an inverter running off 60V 100V signgle phase.

If I run the controller at 20Hz, it's in tune with the resonant frequency of the main body. But it runs easily at 15 Hz.

The material for the main body should have been stronger.


I made an effort to reduce the inertia of the moving parts.


The belt was fixed to the wheels in the middle with a machine screw so that the position of the belt and wheel don't shift if the blade breaks.

This wheel attaches to the motor. Three different mounting points for the crank allow for different stroke lengths.

A connecting rod connects to this lever to rotate the bottom pulley back and forth to drive the saw.

Different holes in the connecting rod are used for different motor crank radii so that the top of the blade's stroke is always in the same position. (click image to enlarge)

This idler flips down to release blade tension.

It is important to guide the blade accurately.

I made an effort to the dust collection.


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