Some shop solutions by Ron Walters

Inserting threaded inserts into wood

Turns out I had been using them backwards!

Disc Sander - Circle Sanding Jig

A very handy jig for sanding accurate circles or radiuses on the disc sander. Also used to sand gears and Clock Wheels to final diameter.

Portable Planer Thin Stock Adapter

An adapter for the home wood working shop that allows us to machine thin wood using our portable planers. I used this method to produce thin plies for my homemade plywood. I have used this adapter a lot. It really works well and my experience is planer snipe is much reduced to barely noticeable.

Bench Grinder 2 For 1 Mount

A turntable for mounting two bench grinders so that both can be accessed from one wall mount.

Utilizing Available Space - Cordless Drill Battery Charger Installation

Getting cordless battery chargers out of the way, taking advantage of the corrugated walls.

Cordless Drill Storage

A wall mount for holding cordless electric drills.

220 Volt Electric Plug Pull

Some wooden handles to make it easier to pull the large 220 volt plugs out.

Soldering copper pipe

How to solder copper pipe. Also a simplified methods of cleaning copper pipe and fittings.

Cleaning Cast Iron Machine Table Tops

How To video on cleaning cast iron machine table tops.
Many opinions and lots of ways to do it, but this has worked best for me.

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