More shop solutions by Ron Walters

Mobile Assembly And Outfeed Table

Modification of a commercially available workbench to provide drawer storage and shop mobility for multiple uses.

Floor Model Drill Press - Stable Base

A floor model drill press can be very unstable when working with large projects as they can easily fall over to one side or forward. How I addressed this for my drill press.

Plastic Parts Box Storage Cabinet

Plastic storage boxes neatly organized under my workbench. Also a handy small parts sorter demonstrated.

Disc Sander Changing Sandpaper

Once a sanding disc has been on a disc sander for a while, it is a mess to strip the old one off and clean up the metal disk prior to installing fresh sandpaper. This is the easiest method I have come up with.

Portable Planer Mobile Stand

Mobile stand for a portable planer using kick-up out of the way wheels for on the ground stability.
I could have mounted the wheels with a wider stance, but then Id be tripping over them. This was fairly easy to build and it works well for me.

Band Saw Steering Stick

Using a scrap piece of wood as a "steering stick" allows positive control of the force and direction of the workpiece past the band saw blade while keeping the fingers a safe distance away from the blade.

How To Cut a Threaded Rod or Bolt

Simple demonstration of cutting a threaded rod or bolt to a desired length without damaging the thread or nuts in the process.

Short Shelf Life Products - Long Term Storage

Glue and adhesives do not last very long even when unopened. This easy method prevents deterioration of the unused products, saves money and you will always have it available when you need it. Plus some tips & tricks.

Bag Balm Great Stuff

Great stuff for cracked bleeding fingers and chapped hands caused by dryness from woodworking, cement, cold weather. A bit messy, but it has worked well for me.

Reusing spray foam cans

After use, "Great Stuff" spray foam often seals itself and the can is no longer usable. With a bit of care you can reopen the tubes and nozzles so you can use the remainder of the can later.

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