Lars's tilting router lift for a plunge router

Lars, from Sweden, sent me a link to a post of his tiling router lift on, in Swedish. His router lift is loosely based on my tilting router lift

With permission, I have copied some of the photos here and included an English translation (via Google translator). I often use Google translator, usually fixing mistakes it makes, but this time, I left the text as is, so you can see how well it works.

Lars writes:

Inspired by Matthias Wandels website: I thought cobble together a new molding. I've stolen a lot of Matthias ideas, but then European mills are different from American (cylindrical) has milling bracket made ??wider and a little bigger. I also wanted to have a pretty hefty stroke in the Z direction to be able to both access the changing of cutters, as well as the router table.

The idea is that the tool should be adjustable in the Z direction (up and down), and also be tilted 0-45 degrees. My wish is that the router table should be independent, but must also be docked together with my table saw (to be able to use the same fence and an expanded workspace)

I considered the first ball bearing pull-out rails for milling motor movement in the Z direction, but then chose to build my own slide-runners in red beech. The distal runner in the picture is smooth, while the next has a milled V-groove The idea behind this is that the cart (as milling engine to be fitted in) is controlled by the v-groove. The smooth runner is just there as a support. This eliminates the problems with shrinking / swelling of the wood over time.

More photos of Lars's router lift

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