Showing the nephews the workshop

I originally posted these pictures on the facebook page, and they got a lot of likes, so I decided to add them to the website as well.

At left, showing cutting stuff on the bandsaw. Sebastien (the taller one) has cut pieces of wood apart with a hand saw, so he appreciates how much faster a bandsaw is.

Sucking things up with the dust collector is fascinating. Of course, that got them
fighting over it, so I let the other one loose with the air compressor hose!

showing what a jointer does...

...and showing off the belt sander

Sucking the accumulated dust out of my old table saw, with the small
dust collector. The thick white hose goes to the big dust collector.

Sebastien (the older one) got bored and left.
Then I pulled out marble machine 2.1...

... Sebastien was back in no time when he heard the commotion.
Naturally, there was rivalry over who gets to crank. But the "clockwise"
cranking wasn't intuitive. I guess it's a learned behaviour to primarily
turn cranks clockwise.

Surprising how long this non-configurable marble machine held their attention.
But then again, that machine works without having to fiddle with it.
And it's just extreme with how many marbles run down and how loud it is!
Parents are watching.

I didn't show off some of my other inventions, like the pantorouter or the screw advance box joint jig. For kids and for those not familiar with woodworking, these machines solve "problems" that they never thought of, so the meaning would be lost.

The nephews also make apperance in this video and another one from Christmas 2012,
and in this article from 2013, and in 2012 and here in 2008.

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