Small dust collector (version 1)

This series of articles is about builing my first small low capacity dust collector in the fall of 2012. The idea was to build something small and portable, but also much quieter and lower power consumption than a shopvac. I have since built a newer design (2014)

Building the blower

and Characterizing it

Building the Thien-baffle style cyclone
Characterizing the cyclone performance
Some modifications nine months later
and things learned from building this one.

More thoughts on dust collection - an email exchange with Phil Thien, inventor of the thien baffle

More dust collection related articles:

Measuring dust with a
Dylos air quality monitor
Hector Acevedo's
shopvac Thien-baffle
Jim Ryan's
"Square cyclone"
Peter Fabricius's
wooden shopvac cyclone
Fun with the
venturi effect
Ryszard's small dust
and cyclone

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