Homemade bandsaw (version 2)

This project started when people started asking me about plans for my original bandsaw (version 1). I didn't want to give people plans for that one, because I already had ideas for how to build an even better one.

This second bandsaw is a 16" bandsaw. I chose that size because that's the largest I could go while still using a 105" blade. 105" blades are used by 14" bandsaws with riser blocks, so that length is very commonly available and in stock at most woodworking stores.

A few ideas made this bandsaw possible:
  • Wood beam frame, laminated from boards
  • Integrated pulley on the lower wheel
  • The use of innertubes as bandsaw tires
  • Truing the wheels while spinning on their own bearings

  • About building this bandsaw More details about building it are in the bandsaw plans

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