Bandsaw articles

Homemade bandsaw version 2
A shop made bandsaw doesn't have to be a compromise. (2010)
20" bandsaw build
Bandsaw build from 2016
26" bandsaw build
My latest and biggest bandsaw build, from 2021
14" bandsaw / sawmill build
A smaller 14" bandsaw that can also be used as a sawmill. (2011)
Freehand sharpening bandsaw blades
It takes less time than it takes to go and buy a new one
Bandsaw blade sharpener jig Semi-automatic sharpening, for 6-TPI blades
Comparing 4 guides on one bandsaw
Surprisingly little difference
Building bandsaw 1
My first homemade bandsaw (2010)
How crowned pulleys keep a belt aligned
relating to blade tracking
Bandsaw vs CNC
Comparing cutting a gear on the bandsaw vs. a CNC machine

Jim Wheeler's homemade bandsaw
A heavy duty bandsaw based on Gilliom parts
Cutting up a log on the bandsaw
Testing the limits of my homemade bandsaw
Mobile bandsaw base
Making a 14" bandsaw mobile without adding height
Dovetail joints on the bandsaw
No chisel work involved.

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