Building the screw advance box joint jig videos

Building the screw advance box joint jig from these plans, as one 20-minute video.

Longer 4-part video series

I originally made this in 2012 as four videos totalling 40 minutes in length. If you are in the process of building these jigs, I recommend watching the longer videos.

Part 1:

Starting the stock holding box, starting the frame, adding splines to the stock box.

Part 2:

Guides for the box, plywood base, and bearing mounts

Part 3:

Aligning the bearing, threaded rod and nut, idler mount, gear cluster, gear mount

Part 4:

Finishing the gear mount, more gears, metal guide bar, handle

I didn't go into much detail on making the gears in the video because
I already have another article and video on how to make gears.

How long does it take to build?

People often ask how long it takes to build something like this. I don't usually keep track of time, and I most certainly can't predict how long it takes you to build something. But looking at the timestamps of the video clips, I had four sessions of three hours each when I built the jig. Each video represents about three hours of shop time, including setting up the camera tripod, and lights for every step and checking the videos as I went along, sometimes repeating steps to get better video.

I was, however, already familiar with the plans and had built this same jig before, so that is an advantage I have over you.

That said, editing together a video always takes much longer than building the project.

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