Jason's metal combination lock

My wooden combination lock was intended more as a demonstration of how a lock works. But Jason was inspired by this to build one out of metal, for an actual safe.
Jason writes:


I wanted to share with you a safe I built using your combo design. I had an idea to build a small safe using 1/2" wall tubing I had found and try to buy a used combo lock on eBay. After loosing two auctions (to sniping programs), I was very frustrated and decided to see if I could build my own lock. After a Google search I came across your wooden combo lock and was immediately impressed. It was simple and effective. I'm a machinist by trade, so was able to use your design and build metal parts. I machined the dial, tumblers, and handle out of brass, the locking arm out of steel and pressed pins. It functions really nice, and I'm proud to say I built lock in all.

I know you have a wood working page, but hope you enjoy the pics of a steel safe. Thanks for the idea!

Jason Lucero

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