Pascal Zingg's pantograph

Many YouTube woodworkers have gotten X-carve CNC routers sent to them as a promotion, but then need to spend a day or more assembling it. And then they use them to make a sign or two, and they stop using it.

For sign making, a pantograph can be a lot cheaper, and building one from scratch takes less time than assembling an X-carve. Of course, the X-carve can carve on its own, but chances are, you will be hovering over it with a shopvac cleaning up as it goes. You can cut much faster with a pantograph, so overall, even the carving itself can take less time with a pantograph than with a CNC router.

Here, pictures of Pascal Zingg's pantograph:

Pascal Zingg writes:

Dear Matthias,

I wanted to send you some pictures of my pantograph. I finally built it in august. With two babies at home there is not much time for projects :) Now I made some little projects cutting with a Dremel. I am actually really satisfied with the result. I love the design of your pantograph and I follow your blog with great interest. The day I'll have a table saw I will purchase more of your plans for sure. At the moment my saw of confidence is a simple jigsaw ;)

Best regards from Switzerland,


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