Pekka's table saw, revised

Pekka writes

I have made many modifications to my table saw:

The table saw interior is totally changed, the blade unit is lifted and supported by drawer glides. Very easy to operate and precise.

The earlier version had a pivoting assembly to set the depth of cut. The new has a vertical moving unit supporting the arbor and motor, it's guided by drawer slides.

It is much faster and precise to raise the blade, one turn on handle lifts 1,5 mm.

The home made miter saw does not exist anymore, table saw is much better and safer.

Tilting is done by loosening the nut on top of the gear-shaped hand wheel. There is a thread rod fixed on the U shaped cradle and tightening the nut locks it.

On the back of the gar shaped hand wheel is a smaller gear and it meshes with the arc shaped gear. You can imagine where the design comes! The hand wheel on upper arc is for lifting the blade.

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