Mathieu Girard's tilting router lift

Mathieu Girard writes:
Hey Matthias,

A few weeks ago, I purchased your plans for the tilting router lift and I completed it during the holidays, so I though I'd share my results with you.

Attached are a few shots of my finished router lift and here is a little youtube video I made to showcase it:

Your plans are just awesome. I can really appreciate the efforts you put in it. Thanks a lot for making those and selling it for a really reasonable price.

The only thing I added is a dust collector port so I can suck some dust when possible. Except for that this is 100% your design and I must say it works really well!

Now I'm looking forward to make more of your stuff :) I already purchased your marble machine 2.0 plans, so I'll probably give it a shot next!

Thanks again for your work and for sharing!

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