Building a storage cabinet for the basement

I had this spot near the stairs in my basement where I kept a simple shelving unit with junk on it, so I figured this would be a good spot to build a piece of furniture for.

My friend Julia, who also helps out with the final editing of my articles, had an IKEA kitchen in her basement that she tore out. The kitchen had been put there by the previous owner, but it had never really been used. So when she tore it out, I got some of the doors and hinges. These doors were made of solid wood, unlike the cabinets, which were just particle board. I combined those used doors with some panels from IKEA shelving, and a hardwood slab that had been the top of a dresser to build this storage cabinet.

The whole cabinet was built almost entirely out of used materials.

Doweling together the panels (with video)

Finger joining the frame corners

Making the drawers

Here's the messy shelf, before the cabinet

And here's the cabinet. The same mess inside the cabinet as was on the shelf, but behind closed doors and drawers, it doesn't look so bad!

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