Macro photographing various hardwood species

Examining the surfaces from my glue strength tests had previously given me cause to experiment with macro photography. After I wrote up that article, I continued to experiment some more. I found a microscope lens in my collection of various bits of optics. I wasn't able to get decent images using that lens at first, but when I combined it with a binocular eyepiece, I got some satisfactory results. It being winter at this time of year in Canada, I didn't have any insects or other interesting bits of nature handy to photograph, so I set my microscope lens on some wood grain. I took a lot of photographs with this setup, and to keep the page size reasonable, I split my various photos into several sub-categories.

Macro and microscope photography setup

End grain macro and microscope photographs:

domestic hardwoods

  Oak, Ash
Exotic hardwoods
  Mostly from Africa
Domestic hardwoods
  Maple, Cherry,
  Beech, Birch
Evergreen softwoods
  Pine, Spruce

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