We sold our house. A tour of our old house.

Once Harriet was born in 2015, with all the baby gear, our house soon grew too small. We made various optimizations to free up more room, but then started looking at bigger houses in earnest. Rachel wanted something closer to work downtown, I wanted something with potential for a nice basement workshop, and we both wanted a nice sized yard. We didn't find any place that met all of our conflicting criteria.

But due to difficulty with a second pregnancy, Rachel quit her job. This made being even in town unnecessary, so we moved to the house where my big workshop in the country is.

Not having the time to be landlords, we put our old house on the market. Our agent, quite experienced, figured we should go in at a high price because the market is kind of crazy right now. We figured we should be able to get around 430-440 thousand (Canadian), but started at 450. We had several bids well above the asking price on the first day, and took a bid for 465. The buyer is, unfortunately, a developer. He is not planning on knocking down the house right away, so the house may have a few years reprieve before it gets smashed. What made the house so desirable was that it's on a 100-foot (30m) wide lot, much larger than the lots that houses are built on nowadays.

Having a shop already set up where we moved to made it easier, though, once I moved all the stuff from our old place there, the shop is still in need of organizing and re-organizing to make everything accessible.

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