Ryszard's 14" bandsaw

Ryszard writes

Hello Matthias

In September, for the three weeks I built a 14" band saw using your plans.

First, I made circles, blocks and a table. Wheels cut out the router.

The wheels are made of two layers of plywood 18 mm and 6 mm for 24 mm total.

I cut the belt groove on my lathe.

The pulleys are 80mm 300mm. Wheels are on 20 mm steel shafts

The frame is made of planks of pine.

The motor is a 3 phase 400 V, 2480 rpm. The pulleys are 80mm 300mm.

Truing and adding a crown to the wheels.

Saw blade is 2400 mm x 10 mm x 0.6 mm, 6 TPI.

The shafts fit in the bearing with ease after sanding the shaft on the lathe.

I put a 50 mm elbow on the bottom for a dust hose.
The upper drawer of the base also Catches sawdust.

The table has a slot with an aluminium track.

Now I have two bandsaws: old 10" and 14".

After the construction of the saw from your plans,
I tested it by cutting some circles in plywood.

I also made a difficult test, cutting old wet poplar trunk, 330 mm diameter and 310 mm long. I laid it On some particle board which had a strip of wood to run in the slot. I used a 10 mm wide blade, 6 TPI for the time being so I was encountering blade drift. For this work, I need a different blade.

Thank you Matthias for good plans.

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