Multi slot mortising machine

You can buy detailed plans
for the slot mortising machine

I have always used a home-made slot mortising machine for my mortise and tenon joints. My previous slot mortising machine was made possible because of a lucky surplus sale find. But I had always wanted to be able to build a mortising machine from scratch using readily available materials. I have finally achieved building such a machine, and this article describes how it works.

Horizontal motion


Router mount and
vertical adjustment


Joints this
machine can cut

Building the
horizontal sliders


Building the router
mount and vertical


Building a stand
for the
slot mortiser


Horizontal router table
for the slot mortiser

You can also see a Tony C's slot mortiser based on
the plans on on LumberJocks. Tony also has a lot of
photos if it's construction on flickr.

Also: Michael's slot mortiser

These articles are also available in German

You can buy detailed plans for the slot mortising machine

More videos about the slot mortiser:
Using the slot mortiser for some shelves
Steve Emmons video about his machine
Tony C's slide show / video about his mortising machine
My earlier video about the machine (from 2009)

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