Mortise and tenon joints

Mortise and tenon accuracy

How accurate does a mortise and tenon joint need to be?

Joint strength testing

Measuring the strength of various joints in a test fixture.

The pantorouter

A a template based routing machine, cuts mortises, tenons, and a lot of other intricate wood joints.

Slot mortiser

A very elaborate home made slot mortising machine, and ideal for double mortise and tenon joints, and a lot more.

Quick set tenon jig

My quick set tenon jig, for cutting tenons quickly and accurately.

Home made slot mortising machine

A home made slot mortising machine based on an X-Y mill/drill table found at a surplus sale.

Simple mortising jig

A very simple mortising jig using a table saw sled. Only took two hours to build.

A review of the Delta tenon jig

Reviewing the Delta tenon jig.

Earlier tenon jigs

Some of my previous tenon jigs.

Photos of a professional slot mortiser

Super solid cast-iron machine

Chain mortising machine

Having a look at an old professional chain mortising machine.

Hollow chisel mortiser

Experimenting with builidng a hollow chisel mortiser out of wood

Mortising on the drill press

A spiral router bit or endmil is all you need

Joining with dowels

Mortise and tenon on the table saw

Using just a table saw to make an open ended mortise and tenon joint
Some of my projects with mortise and tenon joinery:

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