The Pantorouter

I call this machine the "pantorouter" because it's essentially a big pantograph mechanism with a router in it. It's used to route shapes from templates. I originally made it as a tenoning machine, but the machine is very versatile and can be used for all kinds of wood joints.

Using the pantorouter
to make joints

How it works
Cutting through dovetail joints
Coming up with
the design

Making tenon templates
for the pantorouter
How to align templates
mortise and tenon joints,

Cutting a large joint.

Making plantation shutters
Making a finger joint

Building a large mirror stand
with the pantorouter
Cube in a cube in a cube

Quickie workbench
You can also buy a
Pre-built all-metal pantorouter

Other projects where I used the pantorouter: Ukulele neck mortise, Paper towel holder, Wooden hings

Also check out my 3D router pantograph

Construction of the machine:

Building the pantorouter
Building a router mount
for a palm router

Linear glides
from drawer slides
Making the holddown clamp
Improved pantorotuer followers
Specifications Buy plans for the pantorouter

Reader built Pantorouter machines:

You can also buy a
Pre-built all-metal pantorouter

Watch all the videos about my pantorouter by clicking play below:

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