Chronology of 2018

I used to post a new article every Friday, but will be less frequent as of July 2018.
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Jan 5 Plate resonance experiments, Setting up the basement shop
Jan 12 How long to build a table saw sled,   Bigger hole in the duct
Jan 19 Dust collection for a belt sander, Building a table extension
Jan 26 Making shop squares, In-drawer knife block
Feb 2 Bigger, tighter mouse maze experiments
Feb 9 Tripod mount for iPad, Measuring RPM with a spectrum analyzer app
Feb 16 Under-workbench rolling drawer, Spontaneous flash freeze experiments
Feb 23 Belt grinder / sander build 1: Wheels, frame and belt tracking
Mar 2 Belt grinder / sander part 2: Motor, table, housing
Mar 15 Tall rack of storage boxes for the basement
Mar 23 Bandsaw blade
sharpener jig
Mar 27 "Behind the scenes..." TV interview, Hot water night electricity timer
Mar 30 Automatic maple syrup boil-o-matic, Leo Levitt's 14" bandsaw
Apr 6 Hybrid table saw bearing replacement, Cabinet door repair
Apr 13 A dust collector for just the table saw
Apr 17 A relay box to turn on my dust collector
Apr 20 A dolly-liftable movable workbench
Apr 27 Motorizing a coffee grinder, Raspberry pi powered over ethernet
May 4 Bent lamination "playhouse" structure
May 11 Curtain rods (rings slide past the mounts), Recycling bins frame
May 18 Linear glides for the pantorouter, Why I'm building another one
May 23 Pantograph for the pantorouter
May 29 Building the pantorouter template mount, Pulleys with setscrews suck
Jun 1 Pantorouter table, "The Heisz-Wandel project" YouTube
Jun 5 Pantorouter first cut and adjusting, Why jointer is parallelogram adjust
Jun 8 Pantorouter plunge lever and stops, Pantorouter plans finally done
Jun 12 Pantorouter spring balance, sponsorship experience and followup
Jun 15 Pantorouter holddown clamp and fence, reassembly timelapse
Jun 22 Sharpening joiner knives straight, Attic insulation spreader
Jun 29 Tractor shed build part 1, Eric's pantorouter and bandsaw
Jul 13 DeWalt 60v chainsaw review, Form over function: Element BBQ
Aug 2 What happened to the tractor shed, and moving — again!
Aug 9 My tractor buying mistake
Aug 13 Selling some tools and such
Aug 20 Spectacular solid state relay failure
Sep 8 Why we gave up on the country life
Sep 28 Chipmunk in a bottle experiments
Oct 7 Tractor shed build, part 2
Oct 11 Pantorouter build condensed into one 25-minute video
Oct 18 Rewiring a motor from 240 and 120 volts
Two new THWP videos
Oct 22 An update on our move, On the "adpocapypse" of 2017
Oct 27 2012 Box joint jig build series condensed into a 20-minute video
Oct 30 Laser cutter cut width and inaccuracies, Why I don't go to make faires
Nov 8 Eyeball game now works on tablets, Laser cut width follow-up
Nov 14 Laser cut combination lock model (with 2 new videos)
Nov 24 Mouse experiment setup vlog, a better way to put felt pads on chairs
Nov 30 20-minute buid video (re-edit) of my marble machine 2.1 from 2011
Dec 6 Mouse gap squeezer teaser machine
Dec 21 Fixing a pipe on my homemade pipe organ
Dec 29 I hope you hate this video: Anti ASMR screeching sounds
Dec 31 Super simple iPad stand

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