Chronology of 2015

Articles added in 2015:

Jan 2 Making birdseye maple
cutting boards
Jan 7 Hooks for hanging coat hangers in a door frame
Jan 9 Large mortise and tenon on the pantorouter XL, turned into small box
Jan 16 Mobile tool stand part 1: the cabinet
Jan 23 Mobile tool stand part 2: finishing up Brian's marble blocks
Jan 28 Wood joint Gap fill trick, Ryan's workbench
Jan 30 Reducing echoes in the big garage shop, Chris Hoyle's ukulele
Feb 4 Ian Watmough's homemade tablesaw, Jean-Yves's box joint jig
Feb 6 Scarf joint splice to fix broken chair legs
Feb 13 Raspberry Pi holder, Stuff around the big workshop (video)
Feb 19 Lucian's homemade jointer / planer andspindle sander
Feb 20 A new screw jack for my joint strength testing apparatus
Feb 24 Comparing pocket hole joints to mortise and tenon strength
Feb 27 Making right angle gears
Mar 3 Mitch's bandsaw mill, Pocket hole test follow-up
Mar 6 Trammel points compass, Martynas's bandmill
Mar 11 More parts trays, Mouse trap monitor fail, Nancy's marble machine
Mar 13 Making tool holders for my big garage workshop
Mar 17 Simon's drum sander, Steven's bandsaw, Interview with Bob C
Mar 20 Making lots of small box joined boxes
Mar 24 Sharpening bandsaws with a Dremel, Favorite YouTube channels
Mar 27 Up-high garage shelf, CFD analysis of my small dust collector
Apr 1 April fools video 2015 Ken Coulter's pantograph
April 3 Making a tiny little box with tiny little box joints
April 10 Makng a bevel gauge, mortise and tenon on the table saw
April 17 Making more tool holders, Curved handle pitchfork
April 24 Why I'm building another table saw and improvised table saw
May 1 Homemade table saw depth adjustment, Milling a log on the bandsaw
May 8 Homemade table saw rip fence. Also the plans for it are done
May 15 Homemade table saw miter slots, stand and alignment (finally done!)
May 22 Chainsaw milling experiment
May 26 Exact width dado spacer
May 29 Needlessly complicated axe handle repair
Jun 5 Furnace vent grill, new video about the table saw plans
Jun 8 About my homemade benchtop power supply
Jun 12 Making a welding cart from an office chair
Jun 19 Cheating at hand cut dovetail joints
Jun 26 60-sided geodesic dome
Jun 27 Wooden soccer ball (from the 60-sided one)
July 3 Making a gear with a jigsaw
July 10 Reversing single phase induction motors
July 14 A simple varnish
July 17 Under bed drawers for more storage
July 24 Two new videos about my wooden tripods
July 31 The slinky machine
Aug 2 Slinky machine follow-up (more about the challenges)
Aug 7 Pat's guitar case
Aug 12 Odds and ends vlog
Aug 14 Queen size bed from 2x4 lumber
Aug 21 Hexagon cake knife
Aug 28 Baby rocking machine
Sep 4 The steadycam you already own, Pulling nails with broken heads
Sep 11 Best way to attach drawer bottoms: Destructive test
Sep 18 Wood geared baby soothing machine
Sep 25 A bookcase joined with dowels, New version of free gear generator
Oct 2 Touring dad's shop attic and around the old workshop
Oct 9 Clever 3-way joint (Kawai Tsugite)
Oct 13 Assembling the metal pantorouter, Alois's bandsaw sawmill
Oct 16 Brazed aluminium joint strength test
Oct 23 Wood gear wear test, Pantorouter double tenon, About the barn
Oct 30 CF vs LED spectrum, Fixing a seized fan motor
Nov 6 Knock down laptop table / standup desk, Under eaves clothesline
Nov 13 Making a chip carving knife from an old saw blade
Nov 20 How much the tools cost, Pascal's pantograph, Chemistry experiment
Nov 27 1"x42" strip sander, I also have plans available
Dec 4 Building a better mouse trap using video surveilance
Dec 11 Making a storage box from thin recycled plywood
Dec 18 Animated pantorouter tradeshow display, Elyasaf's sander
Dec 25 Building a shipping crate

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