Chronology of 2016

Articles added in 2016:

Jan 1 Un-building an inkjet printer (for parts)
Jan 8 Fixing the wobble in a table saw arbor (old article, new video)
Jan 15 Mini dust collector For
small tools. Tradeshow
display update
Jan 18 Phillip's strip sander Dave Tenney's jointer
Jan 22 Making a small hand plane (palm plane)
Jan 27 Helical glass cut experiment, Christian's marble machine
Jan 29 Boiled egg hardness tester
Feb 5 Workbench on wheels, Steve's combolock safe
Feb 12 Drawers for the workbench on wheels Yiyong Leng's tenon jig
Feb 17 Rachel makes Olin's letters, Dave Tenney's furniture repair
Feb 19 Meze headphone review, Matthew's strip sander
Feb 26 Building a lathe (from scratch, with wooden bearings)
Mar 1 Turning a ball on the lathe
Mar 4 Lathe improvements,
Jens Larsen's strip sander
Mar 8 Turning a spinning top
on the lathe
Mar 11 Homemade 4-jaw lathe chuck
Mar 18 Bowl on the lathe, and the lathe plans are done
Mar 25 Grinding a machine taper with an angle grinder, Branch disposal bonfire
Mar 29 Captive ring baby rattle on the lathe, Carlos's jointer
Apr 1 The joy of woodworking, Jan's aluminium pantorouter
Apr 8 Workshop air cleaner,
Fan repair fail
Apr 15 Horizontal boring machine to the rescue
Apr 22 A pantograph for the plasma cutter
Apr 27 Lathe follow-up (answering questions), New lathe build video
Apr 29 Making a Tippe top,
the self inverting spinning top
May 3 Reviewing "Maximum" tool bag and tap and die set (sponsored content)
May 6 Double tenon shelves
May 13 Carving a chain using only power tools, new Ramekin tray video
May 20 new melamine workbench top
May 22 Two from Germany: European windows, Expanding table
May 25 Carsten's writeups about his jointer and bandsaw
May 27 Building the better mouse trap
Jun 1 Advantages of a brushless cordless drill
(sponsored content)
Jun 3 Another air cleaner build, Elyasaf's wide box joint jig
Jun 10 Dewalt DW735 planer
vs. a cheap one
Planer sharpening
Jun 13 More thickness planer experiments
Jun 17 Pantry closet shelves
Jun 22 Where to get motors?, Screws drawer, kitchen hammer
Jun 24 Belt sander build
(part 1)
Jul 1 Belt sander build: Base, pulley, dust collection
Jul 6 belt sander adjustments change,
Laundry hamper repair
Jul 8 Belt sander edge sanding mode
Jul 15 My big old tractor
(I'm on vacation!)
Jul 22 Dust from miter saw vs. table saw, Oiling shopvac bearings
Jul 29 Pantorouter dust exper-
and new dust hood, belt sander plans
Aug 3 Stefan's pantorouter and dust collection, dust collection follow-up
Aug 5 Octagonal box joined box, Wooden door locks at Amogla camp
Aug 9 The story of my parents Amogla camp cottages
Aug 12 Kid's wagon
Aug 19 Restoring the wiper motor powered forklift toy
Aug 22 YouTube Live stream experiment and live pantorouter assembly
Aug 26 Forklift toy fork lift
and tilt mechanism
Aug 30 Forklift toy payloader bucket
Sep 2 Transparent acrylic shelf, Jesse's copy carver
Sep 9 Small cantilevered work table
Sep 16 Curved box joint, Live Q&A with John Heisz
Sep 18 Tractor vs. tree
Sep 23 Solenoid engine
Sep 30 A different approach to dust collection,
Lawn tractor vs. tree
Oct 7 Building a lawn tractor trailer
Oct 12 Angle grinder cutoff jig Evolution saw review, Magnet repulsion
Oct 14 Coat hooks and shelf
Oct 18 A better hand plane
wall tool holder
Oct 21 Wooden ball bearing, Apple picker experiment
Oct 28 Big bandsaw build 1:
The wheels
Tractor vs. sawhorse
Nov 2 Rat trap fail, 3-wheeled bandsaws suck, bigger is better
Nov 4 Big bandsaw build 2:
The frame
, Testing the hand plane holder
Nov 11 Big bandsaw build 3:
Wheel mounts, first cut
, Dust collector 1 update
Nov 15 Hessam's strip sander, Kyle's baby gate, Michael's slot mortiser
Nov 18 Big bandsaw build 4:
Blade guides
Nov 25 Big bandsaw build 5:
Table and trunnions
, Pekka's table saw v2
Dec 2 First homemade bandsaw: Things learned
Dec 9 Big bandsaw build 6:
Enclosure, blade guard, cutting up a log
Dec 16 Visiting John Heisz, we made lots of videos
Dec 23 Reviewing a (not so great) jobsite saw
Dec 30 Field mouse maze experiments

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