Chronology of 2017

Articles added in 2017:

Jan 6 Big bandsaw build 7: Electrical, resaw height, metal table cover
Jan 13 Making a crosscut sled for the DeWalt table saw
Jan 16 Reassembling the big bandsaw and answering questions
Jan 20 Paperwork boxes, Mathieu's router lift
Jan 22 My bandsaw is shaking: Investigating bandsaw vibrations
Jan 27 New video on building the air engine, now also on Instagram
Feb 3Comparing bandsaw blade guides, Welder capacitor upgrade fail
Feb 10 Wooden metal cutting bandsaw
Feb 17 Triple tenon joined lumber rack
Feb 21 Bandsaw build: 7 videos condensed into 1
Feb 24 Making tool stands and Trash picking furniture for wood
Feb 28 Wooden bandsaw riser block, Magfomer magnet polarity tricks
Mar 3 Wooden combination lock build (old project from 2008, new video)
Mar 10 Bandsaw stand drawers, Office chair wheel dolly
Mar 17 bandsaw-on-a-dolly sawmill, Plastic tricycle repair
Mar 24 Blower impeller design, burning sawdust, washer unload
Mar 27 Blower housing shape experiments
Mar 31 Bandsaw-on-a-dolly sawmill improvements
Apr 7 Box dust collector
Apr 14 Drawers with recessed handles, Dust collector quieter
Apr 21 Floor refinishing by trial and error, Two reader built belt sanders
Apr 28 Last tour of my basement workshop, Yiyong Leng's jointer
May 3 My "Ryokita" franken-drill, Kyle's plexiglass air engine
May 5 Making a simple remote switch
May 12 Hardwood flooring around stair spindles, Bandsawing firewood
May 16 Thu the floor (or wall) magnet alignment trick, Raymond's jointer
May 19 My old table saw, Alois's saw horses, Trailer hitching trick
May 26 Building a bookcase for the basement
May 30 240 volt from dryer plug (for Euro-washer or table saw)
Jun 2 Rolling under-stairs storage
Jun 9 Sheet goods lumber cart
Jun 16 New video about my delta hybrid table saw
Jun 23 Electric log splitter stand, Wasp nest eliminate and dissect
Jun 25 We sold our house.
A tour of the old place and projects in it.
Jun 30 Storage box on bed frame wheels, video about this workbench
Jul 7 New shop under control, Workbench and tool wall swap
Jul 14 Resizing a drill / fidget spinner, Tractor loader angle indicator
Jul 20 90° vs 2x45° elbow air resistance, Tree uproot fail (video)
Jul 21 Making wood thread taps from threaded rod or bolts
Jul 28 Yet another shelf build This one with double mortise and tenon joints
Aug 4 Movable firewood shed, puttering in the shop timelapse
Aug 11 Wooden domino row building machine
Aug 18 using a wet rotor synchronous motor from a dishwasher
Aug 23 I Cut my finger on the table saw, Mysterious leaking toilet
Aug 25 The mysterious leaking dehumidifier
Sep 1 Contractor saw vibration damper, Dust collection updates
Sep 8 What's a hybrid table saw?
Sep 15 Making baseboard molding
Sep 22 Homemade power feeder
Sep 29 Installing baseboards, Knock-down desk assembly
Oct 6 Building a cajon box drum, with Paul
Oct 10 Two beginner table saw mistakes to avoid
Oct 13 A bell that sounds two notes at once (multi-modal vibrations)
Oct 20 Installing a 240 volt circuit, Wild parsnip gathering contraption
Oct 27 Wood stove hearth plate and hearth gate (baby fence)
Nov 3 Graphing lissajous pendulum swing
Nov 17 Making loaded cheating dice
Nov 24 Table saw dolly lifter,
a "Stud"-ley way to mount a towel bar
Dec 1 Curtain rod around corners, Shop lights & update
Dec 8 Smallest hole for a mouse experiments
Dec 15 Almonte clock tower clock
Dec 22 Kuldeep assembles the "hybrid" pantorouter
Dec 29 Making sound absorbing panels

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