Chronology of 2019

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Jan 4 Lego technic new vs. old, Analyzing stair climbing dollies
Jan 10 Ukulele build series compiled into one video, Why ended weekly vids
Jan 17 Spontaneous live stream, Changed Heisz wandel project name
Jan 22 Camera quick release plate, Don't be an artist for a living
Jan 28 Chocolate carving Lego pantograph
Feb 1 Measure R-values with infrared thermometer, Thin monitor stand
Feb 8 Building the lego machine-catapult
Feb 19 Flush cut with a router, Hot water heater jacket: how much savings
Feb 22 Building a 3-legged stool using the pantorouter
Feb 26 Shooting stuff with supersonic M&M candies (Mach 1.1)
Mar 5 Workshop setup update, Tripod is better than a camera operator
Mar 10 Infrared heater: How warm does it feel, one new Sketchup turorial
Mar 15 High-tech infrared heater aimer Make awful videos to get good at it
Mar 19 Fixing a couch: Inlays for torn out threaded inserts
Mar 29 Lego repeating crossbow, Shear metal with vise and chisel
Apr 1 A ruler to unite Metric and inches
Apr 8 Stepper mictostepping, Drilling holes in glass
Apr 17 Knock down table
and plans for it
Apr 22 Vertical LED light stand (video only)
May 7 Computer controlled cap shooter aimer
May 9 What's inside a sonicare toothbrush (video only)
May 11 Reviewing the chepest USB scope I could find online (video only)
May 22 Mouse in a Lego maze
May 27 Drill battery powered LED worklight
May 30 Corner shelf for a barbecue sucks
June 3 Figuring out a mystery motor (video only)
June 7 Toddler stair handrail
June 11 Brushless DC motor, and a dumb way to drive it (video only)
June 21 Swing set build,
Braun multimix speed control fix (video only)
June 27 Of dehumidifiers, moisture and vapour barriers - experiments
July 5 Squirrel shooter fail, Dissecting a bubble gun toy (video only)
July 10 Building a sandbox
July 12 Does dusting out the fridge save power? (video only)
July 19 Modeling gears to fit existing ones (video only)
Aug 14 What I have been up to lately (video only)
Aug 26 How efficient is a refrigerator heat pump? Experiments
Aug 29 Straightening my 9-year old wooden bandsaw (video only)
Sep 6 Adding a roof under a deck
Sep 23 Amogla camp is for sale (no longer for sale)
Oct 8 Spacers to lay out drawer slides, Table saw cut-to-length trick
Oct 10 Making wooden drawer pulls
Oct 18 Building a workbench with lots of drawers
Oct 30 A square drill for round holes
Nov 6 How much clearance does my air cleaner need from the wall
Nov 19 Plastic cap shooter
Nov 21 Building the cap shooter without my fancy tools
Nov 25 A shelf for the workbench
Nov 27 Measure appliance power use with a utility meter
Dec 3 Making an advent candle holder
Dec 5 Xylophone toy build
Dec 10 Shopvac noisy bearing oiling trick
Dec 13 Knapp jointed box
Dec 18 Cutting gears on the table saw
Dec 20 Dowel maker followup (pencil sharpener method)
Dec 23 45 degree jig

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