Chronology of 2020

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Jan 1 Does it make sense to flip just 1 knife on a DW735 planer?
Jan 7 Lego 42028 crane, ratrod version (video only)
Jan 10 More on 45 degree drilling and a meetup
Jan 16 Making thin dowels, no jig required
Jan 18 Miter joined large table
Jan 24 Glider rocking chair repair (video only)
Jan 26 Jumping wild circus mouse
Jan 29 Mysterious water drip investigation (video only)
Feb 4 How long to build table, time analysis (video only)
Feb 5 Making a drill index for Forstner bits (video only)
Feb 20 Painting in the shop and a shop tour (video only)
Feb 24 A box full of Microjig & clamps that I like (video only)
Feb 25 Adding drawers under a table (video only)
Mar 2 Making a wooden pirate sword (again)
Mar 10 Strip sander XL build
Mar 18 Strip sander XL finish up
Mar 20 Induction motor NVR starter switch build
Mar 22 Spontaneous live stream
Mar 26 A finishing touch on my 20" bandsaw: Motor belt guard
Apr 5 Document photographing stand (video only)
Apr 10 Adding shelf dividers, John's homemade jointer
Apr 14 More about the strip sander xl, and plans available
Apr 16 Oil filled space heater fix. Defective by design, but I still like them.
Apr 21 Double tenons using the template feature of my tenon jig
Apr 24 Shelf brackets: Double tenons vs. screwed vs. pocket holes
Apr 30 Round drawer knobs, Mortise double screw-up fix
May 7 Building nightstands
May 10 Miniature "leaf blower" experiments
May 12 Making perfect plugs to cover up wood defects
May 16 Questions and answers video
May 28 Cheap fortsner bits: Low quality but they drill ok (video only)
Jun 2 How impact drivers prevent screw cam-out (video only)
Jun 10 M12 lens mount for Pi camera moudle (video)
Jun 17 How long does wood take to dry (faster than I thought)
Jun 24 Video about my motion triggered timelapse software
Jul 20 Building my milk crate inspired boxes -- again
Jul 22 20 things I screwed up building wooden boxes (video)
Jul 29 How long does a freezer stay frozen with no power
Aug 14 Making headless Raspberry Pi blink assigned IP address
Aug 21 Bending chair back rungs in a kitchen stove
Aug 25 Talking about making bent chair back rungs (video)
Aug 27 How long for floor boards to acclimatize (video)
Sep 15 Building wooden chairs
Sep 24 More about chairs and joinery
Sep 29 Just use an ad blocker, and thanks (video)
Oct 2 Carving a chair seat on the table saw (video)
Oct 12 Router table cabinet build
Oct 13 Soften a paintbrush with varnish dried into it
Oct 21 A router table that's its own dust collector
Oct 22 Why not just usee a shopvac for the router table? (video)
Oct 27 Finishing up the router table
Oct 30 More suck from a shop-vac: Effect of hoses
Nov 2 Empyting a 1 HP dust collector, no mess (video)
Nov 5 Making long reach clamps (video)
Nov 16 Hardwood table top from scrap wood
Nov 18 Table top glue-up and varnish
Nov 24 Making and setting up pantorouter tenon templates
Nov 26 1 hp leaf blower, Eras of YouTube, on Chad &Steve's podcast
Dec 7 Making hollow 26" bandsaw wheels
Dec 9 More about the hollow wheels, answering questions (video)
Dec 18 Building the 26" bandsaw frame
Dec 21 Surprisingly complex air flow in front of a fan
Dec 30 26" bandsaw wheel mounts

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